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  Baloji embarrasses Bono “I spent my whole life trying to avoid tall persons?” What can we say about the Black Atlantic that has not already been said…? Ethnic Absolutism Anti-Essentialism Anti Anti-Essentialism What is the nature of this third position proposed by Gilroy?  How is it related to everyday lived experience and how is […]

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Selon Mikhail Bakthin, la signification se trouve dans les interactions entre celui qui parle et celui qui écoute et non pas dans les systèmes abstraits des formes linguistiques ni dans les esprits des êtres humains. “Each and every word expresses the « one » in relation to the «other », I give myself verbal shape from another’s point […]

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The Pinky Show: “Let’s Learn Something Together”   Les marchandises culturelles sont comme les autres marchandises: ils sont à vendre et la source de leur valeur est cachée, écart entre le coût de la production et la valeur sur le marché, mystère de valeur de surplus Mais elles sont différentes parce qu’elles manifestent l’identité culturelle […]

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Quelques notions importantes à considérer: Culture Populisme Préjugés Populaire (“mainstream”) Peuple Jouer avec les mots c’est un jeu sérieux… Gadamer:  “You have to listen to words.  I have often told my students that they must develop an ear for the implications of the words they use.” (“Culture and Media”) La démarche “keywords” de Raymond Williams […]

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« Tradi-moderne » ou « techno-trad » ? Congotronics et le plaisir de la distorsion Conférence donnée lors du colloque “Patrimoines musicaux : circulation et contacts”, oct. 28-31 2009, Faculté de Musique, Université de Montréal Distorted wave forms Guitar with fuzz Source: wikipedia Sound of Distortion Source: wikipedia Kabuangoyi Kasai All-Stars (Congotronics 2) Johannes Fabian […]

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Keeping Places and the Politics of Repatriation Articles by : Peter Toner Under the present conditions of neoliberal regimes of power, in which cultural property is managed (and sometimes commodified) and cultural rights are asserted, indigenous peoples have been concerned with protecting what is distinctive about their cultures and seeking greater autonomy to control it. […]

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Cosmopolitanism Revisited By Martin Roberts I don’t want to be Japanese. I want to be a citizen of the world. It sounds very hippie but I like that.—Ryuichi Sakamoto, quoted in David Toop, Ocean of Sound: 192. Although the cosmopolitan is often regarded as an emblematic figure of modernity, cosmopolitanism has existed for millennia: the […]

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Le travail de la terre: symbole d’un héritage métisse (afro-américain, acadien, américain) By Phil Hayward Heritage is broad term that essentially means the totality of that which is inherited from preceding individuals, generations and/or societies. There are substantial overlaps of the term with the broader one of tradition, although the latter is often understood to […]