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Thinking Globalization Through Popular Culture

In the first issue of the new Journal of World Popular Music, there are two articles that refer to the material from the book Music and Globalization: Critical Encounters The first is a provocative piece about the history of world music production, specifically in relation to the Buena Vista Social Club.  Here is the abstract from […]

The edited volume “Music and Globalization: Critical Encounters” is now available at Indiana University Press. Each chapter has an accompanying multi-media project which you can consult while you read by clicking on the links available from the Critical World homepage or by selecting “Critical World Book” from the Categories menu on the right of your […]

Review of the El Congo Brazza (2003) Kin album by Bob W. White. Rumba without sweat Various Artists El Congo Brazza Kin Democratic Republic of the Congo Marabi 2003 Rumba Without Sweat Rumba without sweat.  This is what the grandfather of Congolese popular dance music says when you ask him what the difference is between […]