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Franceso and Ali in Venice   “Savane”-Ali Farka Touré Nonesuch 2006 © | Savane   Remembering Ali Farka Touré By Steven Feld Ali Farka Touré, the Malian musician who gained international acclaim for his “desert blues” guitar stylings on CDs like The Source, The River, Niafunké, Savane, and the Grammy award-winners Talking Timbuktu and In […]

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(Insert videos) Middle Eastern Musical Expression in an Age of Fear and Misunderstanding: A Workshop June 16, 2006 La Sala Rossa A workshop co-sponsored by the Project on Improvisation (McGill University) and Critical World (Université de Montréal), as part of the Alhan el-Aalam music and culture series of the Suoni Per Il Popolo music festival… […]

By Bob W. White Martin Denny’s “Exotica” (1957) was not the first album of its kind to integrate non-western “exotica” sounds into recordings, but it is one of the most important, because in many ways it put “exotica” music on the map of mainstream popular music in post-war America. The most well-known song from this […]

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Raymond Williams believed that languages are dynamic and powerful modes of representation and articulation that bring into sharp relief the reality of our everyday existence. Through the various uses of language, in literature, drama and other cultural forms, thinking, feeling, sensing and acting individuals are constantly engaged in the creation and re-creation of meanings. Williams’s […]

Pardon, Pardon 1996 | front cover Beginning in the 1990s, performing artists of various types were increasingly seen as a resource for diffusing information about public health interventions to diverse urban populations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. This text looks at one case in particular, the production of an album of songs about HIV-AIDS in former Zaire […]

    Le texte “Pygmy Pop” de Steven Feld est devenu par la force des choses un classique de la littérature anthropologique sur la “World Music”. En touchant divers angles de l’appropriation occidentale de la musique traditionnelle des BaBenzele, Feld met en scène la problématique qui lie la musique à l’appropriation, l’industrie de la musqiue occidentale […]

Ce projet est le fruit d’un d’une enquête ethnographique réalisé par Annick Beauvais, étudiante à la maîtrise à l’Université de Montréal, portant sur la scène de la musique du monde à Montréal. Being “World” in Montréal By  Bob White Being World in Montreal“World Music,” a cultural commodity originating elsewhere and intended primarily for audiences in […]

Review of the El Congo Brazza (2003) Kin album by Bob W. White. Rumba without sweat Various Artists El Congo Brazza Kin Democratic Republic of the Congo Marabi 2003 Rumba Without Sweat Rumba without sweat.  This is what the grandfather of Congolese popular dance music says when you ask him what the difference is between […]

James Brown: The most sampled man in the universe on The Simpsons There are many examples of songs that have been copied from artists in developing economies and reworked for significant profits by artists and distributors in markets in the West. Through three examples (Malaika, Guantanamera and Day-O), we can see how popular songs take […]

La notte della taranta video notes about anthropology and music. Ce projet est né après avoir tourné un « making off » sur l’édition 2003 de La Notte della Taranta (la nuit de la tarentule) un festival musical qui a lieu chaque année au mois d’Août à Melpignano, une très petite ville du Salento,  la […]