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Reactions to “Music and Globalization”

Cover image from the book “Music and Globalization”

In the first issue of the new Journal of World Popular Music, there are two articles that refer to the material from the book Music and Globalization: Critical Encounters

The first is a provocative piece about the history of world music production, specifically in relation to the Buena Vista Social Club.  Here is the abstract from the article:

The remarkable success of Buena Vista Social Club, released by UK independent label World Circuit, has made it a focus in much of the academic literature on Cuban popular music of the 1990s. This article responds to some of the assumptions in this literature about the thought processes, strategies and motives behind the production of the album. In particular, one voice is conspicuously absent—that of Nick Gold, owner of World Circuit and the person who made the album happen. Here, in conversation with Lucy Duran, Gold tells the story of Buena Vista in his own words, revealing a tale of collaborative effort, creativity, generosity of spirit and spontaneity. The article questions the methodology of writers who feel they can speak for the views and attitudes of record producers without consulting or interviewing them directly, and argues for more communication between academics and the creative industries. In addition to giving an insider’s view on how one of the best-selling world music albums of all time was put together, this article is also a contribution to the budding literature on record production as a new academic field.



The second article is a review of Music and Globalization by Bruce Johnson (Macquarie University, Australia).  You can download Johnson’s review here:



For more information about the edited volume and to see :

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    Music, like information, wants to be free. Let it be.

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